Seis vacíos



Based on texts by Eduardo Chillida

Piano and percussion — 16'

Premiere: Klaus Steffes-Holländer and Christian Dierstein (Ensemble Recherche). Freiburg, 26.09.2020

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  1. I do not speak about the space which is out of the form [...], but about the space that the forms create and which lives in them.

  2. In the alabaster the space goes into the stone, it is the void that there is inside of the stone.

  3. Place involves dimension and limits. But the dot, place par excellence, has not either dimension nor limits.

  4. The limit is the real protagonist of the space, as well as the present, another limit, is the real protagonist of the time.

  5. The dialogue between forms, be that as they may, is much more important than the forms themselves.

  6. Every thing becomes important in the edges, in the limits, outside, when things ends to be

/ Eduardo Chillida